Glenn Eden is: Todd Daenzer-lead guitar,  lead and harmony  vocals   piano on Sometimes.

                           Pat LaPan-Drums,  percussion,  guiro, shakers etc, harmony vocals.

                           Jason Vantreese- guitar, lead and harmony vocals.

                           Billy Lootens-Bass and harmony vocals.

The band was named after a mental institution, where Todd's grandmother was interned in the late 1960s.  The song Saturdays Gone was written about this.

We would like to thank Dean,   Gary and Tony for there contributions,  to our debut album.

Dean for playing bass on Southbound and Smile, Tony for his lead guitar work in Sometimes.

And, Gary for helping write the music in Heartache.

BIll and Todd

Billy and Todd

BIll bass

Todd guitar and lead vocal 



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guitar lead vocals

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